Finding the right employee can be challenging and lengthy. Training new staff is expensive and takes time away from the current job duties. Having reliable staff doing reliable work is valuable. You win, our clients win, and our community wins.

Trellis brings valuable job candidates to you at no cost.

Applicant Screening

Each job candidate works with Trellis to assess their skills, interests and job readiness. This allows us to match your business with employees who are reliable, dependable and motivated who will be a positive asset to your team.

Working Interviews

At the employer’s request Trellis can assist in the set up of a working interview, so both the employer and employee can determine if the job is the right fit. The terms of the working interview are established on a case by case basis, but are of no cost to the employer and the job candidate is insured by SAIF.

Job Coaching: Ongoing success is the goal. Trellis employment specialists partner with the local employer to train the employee. We complete a task analysis and suggest changes that can enhance job performance.

Continuous Support

Job coaching and follow up continues as needed to ensure the job is being performed to employers standards. We develop effective communication and create natural supports in the business to establish a positive and successful work environment. At the employers request we can assist with future expansion of job duties, and skill development.

Benefits for Your Business

  • No Cost: Trellis services are free to businesses. We are an Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Vendor.
  • Motivated, Reliable, Dependable Employees: Trellis job candidates are motivated, dedicated people who take pride in their work and the organizations that employ them. We often see business owners return and ask for help connecting with additional qualified candidates.
  • Economic Incentives: The federal government provides a Work Opportunity Tax Credit for businesses who hire people with developmental disabilities. Read more at www.doleta.gov/wotc.