At Trellis we live for togetherness

Our quality staff and community program enable our clients to succeed in ways they never thought possible and have connections that are both meaningful and inspiring.

If You Are Looking For A Sense Of Community, Join Ours!

Surrounding you with a team that values who you are and how you do life is important. The Trellis Community focuses on acceptance and respect; providing opportunities to join groups, build relationships, learn independent skills, and live your best life.

Trellis, Inc. support program for adults with disabilities

This is why there is no community like the Trellis community.

In our Community Programs, you are paired with an attentive and reliable Direct Support Professional (DSP) to assist in reaching goals that are suitable for each individual.

When you work with Trellis you have a:

  • Consistent schedule
  • Reliable DSP who meets with you weekly
  • Monthly Planning Sheet that you create with your DSP so you are prepared for scheduled activities
  • Door to door transportation
  • Managerial oversight to ensure quality service
  • A variety of monthly activities hosted by DSPs and clients

Togetherness happens in many ways at Trellis. With consistent and reliable staff who provide various levels of assistance, we can help you to be successful and meet your goals, whether it is in a group or 1:1. The setting may vary, but our level of commitment and quality does not.

man throwing footbal at support group for adults with disabilities

Support Groups

We believe in learning skills while having fun! You can grow your social circle when out in a group of two to five individuals with a DSP.

In DSA group outings you will have the opportunity to participate in various activities around your hometown plus explore and be a part of your community. This program emphasizes a wide array of skills such as communication, social, public safety, and last but not least, developing and maintaining friendships.

For us to flourish in this world we need to surround ourselves with supportive people, and Trellis is known for its people.

“When I started with Trellis I was quiet and shy. Now I am more independent and outgoing. I even live on my own and have learned many skills.” - Alexa

Trellis, Inc. Direct support professional providing care to adult with disability

Attendant Care

Independence and choices to be able to live where you want in the setting you choose.

Sometimes we just need a little help with tasks at home and Trellis can be of assistance. Whether it’s getting organized, making meals, grocery shopping, or completing weekly cleaning tasks; our attentive DSPs are here to help.

Trellis DSPs assist in modifying or breaking down a task to help you learn it so you can be as independent as possible. For example, our DSPs can take you through the steps of meal planning, writing a shopping list, grocery shopping, and in the end cooking a full meal. All while learning new skills and having a good time while doing it!

We never say never! Just because you haven’t done something before doesn’t mean it’s too late to try! We believe in trying another way and we are always looking for ways to help you get to where you want to be.

We want to ensure that you are on a continuous road to success. This is why our program is essential to those who don’t just want to grow but thrive.

Come join the community of Trellis and experience togetherness with us!

“When I started with Trellis I was quiet and shy. Now I am more independent and outgoing. I even live on my own and have learned many skills.”


“I like meeting up with friends, enjoying activities throughout the community, and meeting new people.”


“I loved visiting the tulip festival this year and I like making crafts with Janet.”


Consistent Schedule

All clients have set days and times they are scheduled to meet with their attentive DSP.

Monthly Events

Trellis’s DSPs plan fun events that fill a monthly calendar that you can choose to attend.

Quality Service

Trellis is consumed with providing a client centered positive experience.

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Embrace Community. Make Connections. Thrive At Trellis

Join us at Trellis and become an active member of our vibrant community, where you can immerse yourself, contribute, and connect with others who share a passion for creating meaningful experiences together.

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