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Our comprehensive employment services help you reach your goals — because our work is about you.

If you’re an individual experiencing I/DD and you’re looking for a job, then Trellis is here to help make it happen.

Many employers are eager to hire you, too! They know that bringing on neurodiverse and differently-abled employees creates a culture of inclusiveness among staff and a feeling of camaraderie and community among their customers.

Our Comprehensive Services

We’re here to support you wherever your journey into employment starts, and we’re prepared to be on your support team for as long as it takes for you to feel solid and successful in your job.


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Job Development

More About This

Job Coaching

More About This

Trellis is an Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and Oregon Department of Developmental Disabilities (ODDS) Vendor. Your VR Counselor will contact us with a referral, and we’ll get the process started and moving in the right direction.

Jesse working in the hospital after Trellis, Inc. helped get him hired by OHSU

“As an autistic guy, people never thought I would be functional. But now I’m working at the very same hospital (OHSU) I was born at; proving them all wrong day by day. If anything, my autism makes me superhuman. Thanks to Trellis, I can do anything.”
~ Jesse

Career Search

Discover the right job for you

If you’re not sure where to start, we suggest career exploration. With the support of your Employment Specialist, you’ll work through the process of learning about different job opportunities and career paths to identify the ones that align with your interests, skills, values, and goals.

It is a process of self-discovery that involves researching different occupations, learning about the job requirements, and exploring the work environment to determine whether a particular career path is a good fit.

Exploration can involve many activities, such as talking to people in different fields, attending career fairs and networking events, shadowing professionals, conducting informational interviews, and researching career-related information online.

Your Employment Specialist will guide you to make informed decisions about your future, help you to set realistic career goals, and develop a plan for achieving them. This valuable tool is for individuals who are considering a career change or who are looking to transition into a new field.

Speak With an Employment Specialist

Man hired by supermarket after working with Trellis, Inc. employment services to find job

Job Development

Present your best self

Once you’re clear on your focus for employment, your Employment Specialist will help you design a professional resume and craft a portfolio of resources so that you’ll interview like a seasoned professional.

We can help break down barriers to employment. We work with you to identify and create employment opportunities that fit your unique employment goals by connecting you with employers whose needs match your skill set.

Our skilled Employment Specialists will help you market yourself to employers, apply for jobs, and navigate through the hiring process. If needed, we will support you in requesting reasonable accommodations to set you and the employer up for success.

girl with developmental disability hired after working with Trellis, Inc.

Job Coaching

Know you have a supportive team behind you

Once you’re hired, we support you in getting off to a great start by providing on-site and off-site coaching to ensure you feel confident in your role.

Our team of skilled Job Coaches is effective at helping you learn your new roles while becoming integrated into your new company.

One-on-one training is tailored to your needs and can be provided both at your job site and outside of work, depending on your needs.

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