We Are

We Are

Who is Trellis?

We are more than just a rapidly growing company, more than a lifeline, more than an inspiration to those who need inspiration the most. We are a vast and ever expanding community, we are a tribe, a giant family with a singular goal: to give life. What does it mean to give life? It means that in the last year alone Trellis has helped our clients achieve their best potential and become thriving members of society, and were not even close to getting started.

Your success is our business and we take our business very seriously.  Since starting Trellis in 2010, we have accumulated the most reliable skills trainers, job coaches, and employment specialists in the state of Oregon. We are constantly learning new and innovative methods to support our clients in a way that guarantees success. We have developed a system that is both fluid and organized, and it works. Furthermore, we are a stubborn folk, we are resilient, and we refuse to give up on your dreams and aspirations.

Our staff is made up of caring and compassionate individuals who strive to make a better world. Every one of them is unique. They each have a special skill set and based on their strengths we are able to match our employees with our customers to ensure a tailored experience. At Trellis we believe in encouragement, direction, and developing independence. These three ingredients are in everything that we do.

No matter who you are Trellis will change your life.

And that's an understatement.

Julia Ansberry - Executive Director and Community Director

I have a long history of teaching independent living skills and empowerment abilities through my personal and professional life. Being able to believe in your abilities and then move forward has been my mantra and I try to bring that to my staff, clients and family. We are the creators of our life story, so why not make it a good one!

Starting Trellis has been one of my greatest achievements, next to being married for over 30 years and raising three amazing children! This company has provided challenges, personal growth and the most amazing joy than I would have expected. I am grateful each day to be surrounded with talented, awesome people and clients that are growing and reaching goals! It’s a good place to be.

Tami Socolofsky - Employment Director

It is the ultimate luxury to combine passion and contribution. It's also a very clear path to happiness. ~  Sheryl Sandberg

Throughout my life I have been fortunate to have this luxury.  My passion has always been to teach and it has taken many forms from elementary to community college and now with Trellis. But no matter the setting, my goal has always been to help people see their many strengths and abilities. Trellis’s strong vision and belief in possibilities persuaded me to take on the challenge of creating an employment division of Trellis. I have found found helping individuals with disabilities utilize their strengths in integrated employment settings has become both a passion and a contribution that is bringing a clear path to happiness.

Matt Cordova - Job Coach Manager

Taylor Miller - Community Manager

I find my greatest accomplishments in helping others learn new skills or find success in their lives, especially people of a vulnerable or disadvantage population. When I heard of Trellis and the amazing work that is done for the clients we serve, I was hooked and haven’t looked back. My career background comes from management, event planning, marketing and administrative environments while my passion lies in the performing arts. I have been a “theatre kid” since the age of five and found solace on stage and behind the scenes, so much so that I am now the Artistic Director for non-profit Krayon Kids Musical Theatre Company. My passion has extended into this work with Trellis as I have grown to love the distinct uniqueness of the services we provide and seeing the successes of our clients. I strive to highlight the abilities of our clients and create a space for them to grow and learn while building relationships and community based goals for greater future successes. My heart is in Team Trellis and our mantra of #togetherness!

Megan Garza - Employment Manager

Trellis has been a fabulous place to grow and serve my community as an employment specialist, trainer, and now in an employment manager role. I attended OSU for my undergrad where I studied Human Development and Family Science then joined Teach for America after college and taught in South Texas for seven years. This experience gave me a wealth of learning opportunities and equipped me with transferable skills that I’ve been able to carry over into my work with Trellis. When I moved back to Oregon, I found this fabulous organization and grew into several roles while pursuing my masters degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. It’s been an amazing journey and I absolutely love the people I am blessed to work with and the wonderful clients I have worked alongside in their path to finding meaningful employment. I am passionate about being a matchmaker between businesses and our clients. It’s a joy to serve as a facilitator helping our clients find work that aligns to their skills and strengths. In my role as an employment manager, I look forward to supporting our talented employment specialists in doing this work with excellence.