“Faith from Trellis Inc brought Sara to us as a job trainee and helped Sara become a successful employee with our company. Faith came in and coached Sara and gave her the confidence she needed to succeed. She helped Sara make it happen. Faith had the knowledge and skills to teach Sara how to do the job. Sara has had great results. She has become aware of the residents needs sometimes even before they are. Faith checked in with our staff to see if we had any concerns or suggestions and returned to give Sara individual feedback as time went on. She has had a real “team approach” with us to help Sara succeed. I would recommend Trellis to other businesses who are looking for trainees to become future employees of their company.”

~ Pamalynn Richardson, Owner/Administrator, Meadows Courtyard Retirement Community

“I like having Trellis help me with finding a job that I really love. They found me a job where the environment is great, and the people are very friendly. I could not be happier with my job at Verde Cocina.”

~ Sam

“The members of Trellis are dedicated and committed to people they work with. They truly believe in finding the skills and abilities of every individual. At the Trainer’s Club, I love that I interact with a diverse group of people on a regular basis. Whether it is my coworkers or the gym members, I truly appreciate that the Trainer’s Club is a place where everyone can come together as a community.”

~ Jordan

“What I like about my job is my awesome coworkers. Everyone is nice and helpful. Working with Trellis was a “game changer.” They helped me find a job that I am happy with, and their job coaches are all amazing, super friendly, and fun to be around.”

~ Nick