“I like having Trellis help me with finding a job that I really love. They found me a job where the environment is great, and the people are very friendly. I could not be happier with my job at Verde Cocina.” ~ Sam

“The members of Trellis are dedicated and committed to people they work with. They truly believe in finding the skills and abilities of every individual. At the Trainer’s Club, I love that I interact with a diverse group of people on a regular basis. Whether it is my coworkers or the gym members, I truly appreciate that the Trainer’s Club is a place where everyone can come together as a community.” ~ Jordan

“As an autistic guy, people never thought I would be functional. But now I’m working at the very same hospital (OHSU) I was born at, proving them all wrong day by day. If anything, my autism makes me super human. Thanks to Trellis, I can do anything.” ~ Jesse P

“Everyone at Trellis was super friendly and respectful. They gave me the help and support I needed to find a job that fit my needs- with great people and a nice environment that works for me!” ~ Madison

“Megan is the hardest working person out there! You all have something very special there at Trellis and have created an agency that is both efficient and effective. We have worked with several job development agencies but never with the kind of support that we’ve experienced with Trellis. Thank you!” ~ Chelsea’s mom

“I would like to say thank you for helping me and giving me the opportunity to go out and work. You guys helped me the best you can and you made it happen. Working at Whole Foods means a lot and I hope to work as long as I can. I hope the best for what you do at your job. ” ~ Alec

DJ did a great job finding work closer to home. I love my job! I am a detailed cleaner so this is perfect for me. I like my coworkers so far and I give Planet Fitness and Trellis a thumbs up!” ~ Ryan

“I like working with my Trellis Team (Sam and Ashley) as they support me to communicate, build relationships and always make sure that I am successful. I am looking forward to working with Trellis to advance my career path.” ~ Chris L

“From the beginning Trellis has been helpful, supportive and encouraging. When looking for a job Sam always had my best interest and made sure it was a right fit. I really enjoy my job at Brookdale as the residents are caring and always brighten my day. Once being placed in a job, Trellis has made sure I feel supported and have helped me transition into my new job.” ~ Justin A

“Trellis helped me locate and find a job that fits with my disability as well as the hours that I am comfortable working. Job coaching has helped me learn my job faster. It has helped in explaining my disability to my boss and bringing awareness to my disability that would have been invisible to others.” ~ Matt F

“I’ve been working at PCC Sylvania child development center for 7 months. It’s a job that I have found that I enjoy doing a lot the staff is very nice and helpful when it comes to figuring what they need from me during the course of the day. It’s a lot of fun working on a college campus. I learned a lot of different skills and I get to do many different tasks through out the day. The job coaching at trellis is fantastic. My job coach has helped me communicate with coworkers a lot better and made my job a lot easier to handle. She is always available whenever I need her.” ~ Lindsey Cogan

“I want to tell you how the team at Trellis and my job coach, have made all the difference in the person, and employee, I am today. I worked with Trellis to find my initial position with my current employer. This position matched my previous experience and it worked well for me. However, after a period of time due to my disability, this position ended up being, both physically and mentally, too stressful and I struggled to go to work each day. My job coach realized this and immediately went to work to find a new position for me, with the same employer, that I absolutely love. By making this change, both my physical and mental stress levels have almost fully diminished. Even my caregiver keeps telling me that I seem like a new person and you know, I actually feel like one. Now I get excited about getting up and going to work everyday. I can honestly say that, had I not been working with Trellis and having the continuing support of my job coach, I would probably not even be able to work at all.  Thank you Trellis, for being an organization of people who truly care about and fully support their clients.” ~ Michelle

“What I like about my job is my awesome coworkers. Everyone is nice and helpful. Working with Trellis was a ‘game changer.’ They helped me find a job that I am happy with, and their job coaches are all amazing, super friendly, and fun to be around.” ~ Nick

“I like all of the Job Coaches at Trellis, they are nice, funny, and make me laugh. I like when Job coaches help me learn new tasks, and teach me how to do my job well.” ~ Katie B

“I like having a job coach to help with scheduling and paperwork. I would have problems if Sara didn’t help me. I love Sara!” ~ Lora

“They helped me find a job and helped with the paperwork. The coach has helped me to learn things I’ve never done before. The coach helps me to stay focused.” ~ Henry

“I am very grateful for all the help I have received from Trellis at my job at Oregon Health Sciences University and at Providence Health Systems.  Tami Socolofski, Marieka Brown and Linda Stine helped me learn systems and processes to do a variety of tasks. Sometimes, they had to come in and work with my employer to map out the job tasks and they made it better for everyone. I moved from OHSU to Providence Health Systems because they offered me more hours to work.  But, the transition was difficult, starting out new and learning things all over again.  But my friends at Trellis never gave up on me, even though it was hard.  They always found a way to help!  I couldn’t have done it without them!”  ~ Karen

“I really enjoy having DJ as my Job Coach because he understands things that I would have a hard time saying. He is very laid back and very approachable. He is very helpful when I need something that he can help me with. I would not have my awesome job without the help and support of DJ. I would highly recommend anyone in Trellis who is looking for work and in need of a Job Coach to ask for DJ.”