We Are

We Are

Tami Socolofsky - Employment Manager

It is the ultimate luxury to combine passion and contribution. It's also a very clear path to happiness. ~  Sheryl Sandberg

Throughout my life I have been fortunate to have this luxury. My passion has always been to teach and it has taken many forms from elementary to community college and now with Trellis. But no matter the setting, my goal has always been to help people see their many strengths and abilities. I began my teaching career in the Medford school district and then Salem-Keizer where I specialized in ESL instruction and was part of a team who began a new dual language program. Eventually, a new passion would take my focus and I left education to raise my three children and to contribute to their schools through volunteer work and taking on the role of PTSO president. As life presented opportunities, we followed my husband's career to the midwest where I re-entered the workforce to teach ESL at the community college. It was inspiring teaching young students and accomplished adults in their respective fields which included an opera singer and a surgeon. They took on the challenge to learn new skills based in the English language and pursue academics or jobs that matched their strengths.

After five years in the midwest my family came home to Oregon and it was at that time that I met Julia and accepted a “temporary” job as a provider with Trellis. Julia’s strong vision and belief in possibilities persuaded me to take on the challenge of creating an employment division of Trellis. After two years I realized I had not even applied for a teaching job, but instead found helping individuals with disabilities utilize their strengths in integrated employment settings has become both a passion and a contribution that is bringing a clear path to happiness.

Joni Foreman - Job Coach Supervisor

I am first and foremost a wife of 24 years, and mother to my two children.

I have gratefully found purpose through a meaningful career with Trellis.

Growing up in Idaho, I began work at the age of twelve topping corn. As I grew my work history developed much like I imagine other people's career history evolves. I begin in entry level work and expanded through time, specialized training and education to become a Manager, a Trainer, Recruiter, and Multi unit management team member. I met Tami in 2014 and felt my place was with her at Trellis. I've been at Trellis for two years and couldn't be prouder to be a part of this team. Here I am able to use my own personal experience and my successful training practices, while helping the most willing, grateful employees I've ever encountered. I get the privilege of helping people to be the best they can be!