“It’s not just one person! It’s all of us together like a train!” ~ John

“I like going out and having fun with my provider.” ~ Steven

“Really nice providers and variety of activities.” ~ Mamie

“Reliable providers and lots of fun, always have fun.” ~ Beth

“It’s a friendly and fun atmosphere. We are always going places, doing things and having fun.” ~ John

“I enjoy meeting new people and going out in the community and having fun. I am more independent and outgoing. When I started with Trellis I was quiet and shy.” ~ Alexis

“I like working with my provider because she listens, is funny, and understanding” ~ Shannon

“It’s something to look forward to, to make friends and it’s an opportunity to get to know each other. Be a help to each other. Trellis has helped me to overcome a lot of things by being an adult and thinking through things. Also, I have learned tools to get along with others.” ~ Kate

We get to explore things that we haven’t done before and get involved in the community and have fun!” ~ Anonymous

“I enjoy going out into the community and being with other DSA groups!” ~ Katy

“I like that providers are nice and pick us up!” ~ John

“I like meeting up with new friends and learning about them.” ~ Angel

“The group events are fun, like tours and crafts! Trellis helps me get over my shyness.” ~ Tammy

“The staff is awesome to work with and the events that they come up with are super cool. My provider has taught me to speak up for myself when I need to and also to help people when they need someone.” ~ Shannon

“I like all of the providers and making friends. I feel comfortable and safe and have fun when I go out.” ~ TJ

“I like the beach trips I have been on. I like going to the zoo too. Also, I like the outings at some of the parks in the summer time. The events are fun. I learn a lot from the cooking classes.” ~ Matt

“I really like the friends that I am making through Trellis. I also like the relationships I have with my DSPs!” ~ Jeff

“I like that I am out in the community and getting to know more people. We do fun stuff!” ~ David

“I enjoy going out with my providers. We have a lot of fun and laugh a lot.” ~ Allyson

“I have great providers that I know really care about me. We do a lot of fun activities!” ~ Rick

“I am very grateful for all the help I have received from Trellis at my job at Oregon Health Sciences University and at Providence Health Systems.  Tami Socolofski, Marieka Brown and Linda Stine helped me learn systems and processes to do a variety of tasks. Sometimes, they had to come in and work with my employer to map out the job tasks and they made it better for everyone. I moved from OHSU to Providence Health Systems because they offered me more hours to work.  But, the transition was difficult, starting out new and learning things all over again.  But my friends at Trellis never gave up on me, even though it was hard.  They always found a way to help!  I couldn’t have done it without them!”  ~ Karen

“Trellis has taught me how to cook and has given me the skills to clean and maintain my apartment. My DSP’s truly cares about me and my health. I have been apart of the Trellis family for eight years, and I never want to leave.”  ~ John

“Trellis has nice and friendly DSP’s who pick me up and introduce me to new clients every week. They have fun activities and everyone gets to a chance to plan activities”  ~ Kalin